Where to See Christmas Lights Around Long Beach

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Yep, December can be one costly month. Fancy meals and decorations and presents, it can all add up.

Here’s an idea for a free night of entertainment in between all the running and shopping you have to do to get ready for Christmas: take a night off with the fam and check out the holiday light displays in Long Beach and (relatively) nearby cities. 

Pack the hat and scarf for the kiddo, fill that thermos with cocoa and pack some cookies. It’s time to take in all things twinkly. 

Naples Island

Not only are the Christmas lights on Naples the best in Long Beach, they’re often listed alongside the best light displays in the country.

Be warned, it does get crowded but it’s worth it for some holiday spirit fun. You can park anywhere nearby 2nd Street as it crosses Naples and walk on over. If you want to splurge a bit there are a few more fun options:

Trolley Ride Light Tour

Enjoy a holiday-themed jaunt on the Long Beach Trolley as it cruises along the Naples area complete with cookies and hot cocoa. $16 for adults $11 for kids 3 and up. 

Gondola Getaway

A little more of an indulgence, but definitely an unforgettable experience is taking in the lights with Gondola Getaway. A party of four starts at $160 for the group, prices vary from there. 

Water Bikes

Experience the famous Naples holiday light contest while riding a festive, LED lit Hydrobike! Hot cocoa, bluetooth speakers and holiday cheer provided. You don’t get wet so bundle up and take a ride. Weekends fill up weeks in advance.

Kids ages 4 and up can sit on the center platform of the double Hydrobike. To reach the pedals on a Hydrobike, the length from the top of the inner thigh down to the floor needs to be 28 inches. That’s the length from the seat to the pedals. If the length is shorter than that, they can’t reach and won’t be able to ride. Usually, legs are long enough between the ages of 10-12 years old. Children under 18 need to be accompanied by an adult. 

Christmas Tree Lane (Daisy Ave, Long Beach)

This isn’t one of those get out of your car and walk around displays, they aren’t that densely populated, but there are certainly some nice Christmas decorations in this Wrigley neighborhood. Basically the area is around Daisy Ave between PCH and Willow. They hold a fun parade each year too, for 2018 you can catch it at 5pm on December 8th. 

Gaviota & 37th, Long Beach (Cal Heights)

A few houses go all out here, and we mean really all out. Super impressive. 

Pearce & Ashworth, Lakewood

A nice display with several houses all synced together with music (sometimes they even have it set up to tune your radio to a certain station to hear the music in your car).

Deals on Holiday Events

Sleepy Hollow in Torrance

This is a can’t-miss, 100% worth the drive destination near PCH and Robert Road in Torrance. It is really spectacular. Some houses also sell hot chocolate and snacks, popcorn, and cookies. If you get there by 5:30 parking is generally not too bad. Parking near Tulita Elementary is generally a good bet, then walk down the backside of the school to the neighborhood to enjoy the lights.

Fountain Valley

So, across from Mile Square Park, off Brookhurst & Heil you’ll find a neighborhood chock-full of Holiday decorations. However, while you’re in the area take a detour over to the famous 56,000 light house at Stanislaus St & Apache River Ave in Fountain Valley. WOW. 

La Palma

Dallas Drive, off of Walker and Houston goes all out. We recommend parking and walking around this super-cute cul de sac. Over the years more and more surrounding houses have joined in the Holiday spirit, making this a great Christmas season destination for looking at lights and decorations.


A bit of a drive, but the Eagle Hill neighborhood in Brea off Birch and Stafflower has the highest percentage of decorated houses that we’ve seen. Nearly every cul de sac in this quiet OC neighborhood gets into the swing of things with holiday decorations.

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