Treat Street will take place Halloween 2020.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the LB Littles portion of this event for 2019 had to be cancelled. 😔 The Zombie Walk and Halloween festivities are a must-do for the season, and I still recommend attending for that. Sadly, LB Littles Halloween is not meant to be this year.
A note from Hazel, founder of LB Littles:
I’m so bummed to have to do this, but sometimes personal life prevails. In my career of doing events, canceling at the last minute is never something I’ve had to do. Until now. But it’s the best decision for a bad situation.
There’s more coming down the road from LB Littles. Next week we’ll invite you to our Holiday events. And we’re actively preparing for a crazy fun 2020 for families in Long Beach. From the bottom of my heart, I’m so sorry we had to do this so last minute and I hope you don’t lose faith in all the awesomeness LB Littles has coming your way.