Steelcraft in Bellflower is the Perfect Spot for Families

It’s no secret that we love finding places we can happy hour along with the kids. Steelcraft is perhaps the most perfect place for a family night out we’ve ever seen. Fully enclosed? Check. Tons of seating? Check. Kid-size tables? Check. Spots for the kids to run around? Check. Oh, and delicious food for everyone and beverages for adults? Check and check. 

What is Steelcraft?

If you’re not familiar with Steelcraft, they call themselves an “outdoor urban eatery,” entire built with repurposed shipping containers. They have consistent programming of live music, shopping pop-ups, and even have played host to LB Littles events. 

We’ve long been fans of Steelcraft in Long Beach, but this Bellflower location takes it to another level. First of all, it’s much larger than the Long Beach location and all of the seating is in one central area as opposed to split up in two areas. You can tell they have thoughtfully seen how their first location in Long Beach succeeded and doubled down on the right areas.

In addition to all the picnic table seating, Steelcraft Bellflower has a few innovative conversation seating areas including swinging chairs and bar tables built around trees. 

The Ideal Family Happy Hour

So, why is is the perfect spot for families? Here’s the thing, as a parent sometimes you just want to have a glass of beer or wine while the kids run around without having to argue about dinner choices. This is all of that and more. 

There’s a beer bar from 10 Mile Brewing and a wine bar called Off Duty Wine Bar with a fantastically helpful and knowledgeable staff. While food options run the gamut from pho to fried chicken

Pro-tip, this spot gets packed on Thurs-Sat evenings. Like… really packed. It’ll probably ease up a bit in the coming months, but if you’re planning on a weekend evening get there early. Our recommendation is to hit it up for a weekend lunch, you’ll miss the live music they have on weekend evenings but have a much easier time managing parenting without navigating bigger crowds.

We’re willing to bet we’ll see Steelcraft become a bigger and bigger name throughout SoCal and beyond, in fact, they’ve already lined up their next location in Garden Grove slated to open later this year with even more space, a second story, interactive areas and more.

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