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Hi everyone! We’re starting a new online classroom of sorts. Here’s the high level:

-Limited class sizes-It’s intended to learn while building community, so there will be lots of interaction, no pre-recorded webinars

-We’ll have sessions for toddlers, kids, adults, new parents, seniors, etc

-Sessions will range from classes to a group session talking about an agreed upon topic

Here’s what I’m looking for – folks to lead sessions. I’m open to anything and everything. Sing-along time for toddlers? Great! Craft cocktail session for grown-ups? Also great!

We’re doing this all for free for now, we’ll see how it goes and if we need to start charging to pay for the time spent doing it we may. But for now, it’s all about community building, and allowing you to promote your business through this forum. Got an idea? Schedule a 15 minute chat and we’ll get you on the schedule!

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