Red Ball Fun Zone Indoor Playground

We’ve been patiently… okay, maybe not so patiently waiting for the new family fitness center and  indoor playground, Red Ball Fun Zone to open at the Long Beach Towne Center all Summer.. Remember when you’d get super pumped about a new bar opening…well, welcome to parenthood. Now you get stoked for new indoor playgrounds to open.

What You'll Find at Red Ball Fun Zone

Red Ball Fun Zone is more than awesome. Think Ninja Warrior for kids. The idea behind Red Ball Fun Zone is to make it a fun family kids fitness experience. So, while some other indoor play spaces have upper height limits and encourage the parents to sit while the kids run around, Red Ball Fun Zone encourages parents to get in their and run around and play with their kids in the space. (Don’t worry, there is seating for you too when you’re ready for a break.)

One of the first things you’ll notice here is the arrows on the ground throughout the space. The idea is that kiddos (and parents too!) will follow the circuit throughout the space to get a full fitness session… from dodgeball zone (aka The Pit), to huge climbing structure, to soccer, to slides and super fun obstacles throughout. Did we mention they have a DJ booth with music playing at all times. It really is a fun atmosphere.

Good for both Big and Little Kiddos

There’s a small area for toddlers, but kids 3 and up will have the most fun running around here. And it’s really great for kids 8-12 or so that are too big for indoor playgorounds like Kidz Town and such. 

The owner, David Cain is also the founder of an organization called America’s Healthy Kids, and their vision of “Creating the next generation of healthy kids by offering the best exercise based fitness programs that are fun, inexpensive and open to children of all ages, abilities and fitness levels,” certainly shines at Red Ball Fun Zone too.

The Mission

Red Ball Fun Zone has a program where you can donate to contribute toward a program where families who typically wouldn’t be able to afford it can enjoy the fun and fitness too. On that note, they also are encouraging fundraisers and field trips for local schools to have a physical fitness session at the space.

The company has a position that if the kids are having fun, they will come back again and again, keeping them active and keeping them healthy. With PE programs being cut across the nation and childhood obesity on the rise, Red Ball Fun Zone recognized the importance of maintaining opportunities for children to engage in physical activities.

Details, Pricing, and More

Red Ball Fun Zone is open 10am-9pm Monday-Saturday and 10am-6pm on Sundays, and the price is $10/hour for kids (adults are free!). They also have a supervised play program for kids 6 and up, where for $15 and hour you can drop the kiddos off, get some shopping or a quick date night in and come back to pick them up.

A few tips for your first visit to the indoor playground:

  • No shoes, of course and socks are recommended.
  • Birthday parties are available starting at around $400
  • Play structures are good for kids three and up
  • There’s very small toddler area designated for littles under three years old, but it’s not really a lot.
  • No outside food or drink (other than water or baby formula/milk) allowed.

This weekend is their Grand Opening, and it’s sure to be crowded, but we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Red Ball Fun Zone to the LB Littles community!

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All tickets must be purchased online. Even day-of tickets. We won’t be selling any tickets at the gate. Sponsored by MemorialCare Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital

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