Jump Around at The Bounce Place at Lakewood Center Mall

Indoor play spaces and indoor playgrounds are all the rage in Long Beach these days, and a new indoor bounce house playground has been added to the mix with The Bounce Place at Lakewood Center Mall.

This is the fifth location, and first in Southern California, of the small Colorado-based chain (oddly enough out of their five locations, one is also in Lakewood, CO). 


What to Expect

I’m not entirely sure what the space used to be, but imagine you gutted out a clothing store in a mall and filled it with as many bounce houses you could fit… well, that’s what this is. It’s not a bad thing, but yeah, it’s a room filled with bounce houses. There are four or five bounce houses, an obstacle course slide bounce house, and a few inflatables where kids can throw balls at targets.

There’s also a very small toddler area with some building blocks and a few ride-on cars. It’s a pretty cozy space overall, but an ideal air-conditioned spot for kids to burn some energy for an hour or so. 


Pricing at The Bounce Place is simple – $10 per kid (crawlers and parents are free), and that’s for all day. Want to come in the morning, head home for a rest and come back in the afternoon? No problemo. Only cold snacks (no hot lunches or anything) are allowed in the snack and seating area, and they seem pretty lenient on folks bringing in their own snacks and drinks so long as they stay in the designated area. Even so, they do have snacks there at super affordable prices too.

It’s right next to Target at the Lakewood Mall, which is also right next to the carousel, so if your kids are anything like mine save an extra $3 for when that catches their eye. 

Malls these days are weird places. They feel a bit like stepping into a time capsule, it seems like Lakewood Center is really leaning in to the kid-friendly angle though. In addition to The Bounce Place, there are tons of kid-friendly kiosks throughout the mall with little ride-on toys you can rent and drive around the mall, a train, a trampoline kiosk, PlayLive arcade for older kids, and the whole Round 1 Bowling Alley and Arcade upstairs. 

Overall, The Bounce Place is a nice addition to mix it up on days when you’re on the hunt for some indoor fun especially on hot or rainy days. 


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