Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day in Long Beach

We love the outdoor life in Southern California, but sometimes it’s ideal to pay a visit to the great indoors. Allow us to present a plethora of indoor activities including, libraries, karaoke rooms, bowling, and tons of indoor playgrounds in Long Beach and the surrounding area. Here’s a selection of beautifully sheltered activities to partake in when it’s time for indoor fun for the kids.


Did you know most libraries are official “cooling centers” during heat waves? Makes sense, especially for the kiddos. Libraries are chock-full of activities and, of course, books to keep kids busy during a rainy day too. 

Check out our list of upcoming library storytimes here on LB Littles. One nearby library that is particularly perfect for kids is the Cerritos Library. Their children’s area is huge and is complete with an aquarium and dinosaur fossil replicas.

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Escape to the Movies

For rainy days in the fall and winter AMC Theaters offers movies before noon everyday for $6.99 and $5 all day on Tuesdays, While Pacific Theaters in Lakewood offer Mommy Movie Mondays for those with infants, so they can watch a grown up movie while holding a lap baby. 


During the Summer, several movie theaters run special screenings for kids at less than $2 each. At the Long Beach Towne Center, Edwards offers a Summer Movie Express on Tuesdays and Wednesday, and over at Los Cerritos Center, Harkins Theaters runs Summer Movie Fun everyday at 9:45am.



Aquarium of the Pacific

100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802

If you’re a member at the Aquarium of the Pacific, a rainy day is a perfect day for a visit. Keep in mind, it will likely be crowded, but it’s certainly a great spot to get out of the house for a few hours and enjoy the sights of the aquarium.


628 Alamitos Ave, Long Beach, CA

The Museum of Latin American Art is free on Sundays. It might not be the best for rambunctious toddler, but for babies and for school-age kids, MOLAA is great spot for a rainy Sunday.

Indoor Playgrounds

The mecca for children on these blistering hot Summer days as well as rainy Winter days. Indoor playgrounds aren’t free, but more and more are popping up around Long Beach, so prices are starting to get more competitive. Read on for some local (and local-ish) picks including a Nerf warzone, an all-glowing indoor playground and more.

Kidz Town

5925 E Carson St, Lakewood, CA 

There’s a ball pit, this foam ball area where you can shoot the balls with compressed air, a super fast slide, tons of places to climb through, obstacle courses, a race course with these rad plasma push cars, a big toddler play area and a snack area too. 

The toddler area is bigger than expected too, usually at places like this you’ll see like a tiny slide and a maze on the wall for the toddlers, but at Kidz Town they even have their own mini play structure and ball pit too.

First adult is free and the initial cost for 1 child is $15.  Each additional person (adult or child) will be $7.


We Rock the Spectrum

2533 N Lakewood Blvd Suite 200, Long Beach, CA

An awesome indoor playground, you’ve gotta call ahead for open play availability on weekends – they keep their Instagram account pretty up to date with availability too.  Prices are $12 per child with siblings discounted to $10. They also offer an All Day Pass that lets you in and out of the facility all day for just $20.


The philosophy behind We Rock the Spectrum is especially cool, it was created to provide a place for children of all ability levels to play and grow together. As the only kid’s gym that offers an inclusive philosophy, they have found all children can benefit from our uniquely designed sensory equipment that is specifically designed to aid children with sensory processing disorders.

Jumping Fun Kids

7501 Commonwealth Ave, Buena Park, CA

Again, over in Buena Park, this indoor playground is located in an old bank and is huge, with good prices to boot. It’s $7 for kids 4 and under and $10 each kid 4 to 10 years old.

The littles can go crazy with several bounce houses along with a pretend play area, a velcro wall, and more!

Tag and Target

4007 Paramount Blvd #109, Lakewood, CA

For kiddos ages 7 and up, this place is heaven on earth. It’s also super popular for bday parties, so open play is quite limited on the weekends, those Thursdays and Fridays tend to have decent amount of drop-ins available. In your Nerf battle you get unlimited Nerf bullets for 75 minutes. 


There are also quite a few different Nerf guns available (added fee, but reasonable). You definitely get your money’s worth here.


7227 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

GlowZone takes cosmic bowling to the extreme, everything is neon and glowing from indoor mini golf, to the obstacle course, to bowling. Some of the attractions are for kids 7 and up, and some are specifically for kids under 7. 


The mini golf is on the simpler side, so we’d recommend that part for kids under 7 as well.  Prices range from $20-$25 per hour, there’s also unlimited arcade passes available for $15 per hour for the video game lovers.

We Play Loud 

7470 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

We Play Loud is quite similar to Kidz Town in Lakewood as far as prices and structures go, with a few different attractions and an adorably bright color scheme. Everything is padded and  toddler friendly. 

Prices are $15.00 for the first child & 1 Adult is FREE; each additional child, senior or adult is $7.00 for 2 hours of play at our facility. Open Play is every day.

Pump It Up 

Huntington Beach and Torrance locations

This place is a bounce house bonanza. Same deal though, this place is popular with parties, so open play is limited especially on the weekends. Call ahead or check the calendar on their website. Their massive inflatables spark the imagination and allow kids to run wild and burn off some energy.

Silly Goose Playground

25449 Narbonne Ave, Lomita, CA 90717

Especially perfect for the youngest littles, meaning babies and those under 5 or so, Silly Goose Playground is amongst the more stylish of the indoor playgrounds around. 

The space is geared towards crawlers and toddlers who are still exploring and developing their skills. $10 for one kid, $8 for siblings (though babies under 12 months are free with paid siblings). No charge for adults.

Ice Rinks

Lakewood Ice

3975 Pixie Ave, Lakewood, CA 90712

They offer public skate most days and offer an $8 special in the summer that includes skate rental. One of our favorite features of this spot is the little training “seals” they give to kiddos just learning to skate. See the full schedule of open skate times here.

East West Ice Palace

11446 Artesia Blvd, Artesia, CA

Opened by Michelle Kwan in 2005, East West Ice Palace is a world class facility that also offers lots of open skate sessions and rentals. General admission is $11 ($10 for kids under 10) and skates are $3 to rent.

Paramount Iceland

8041 Jackson Street Paramount, CA

Paramount Iceland offers public skate most afternoons for $10.00 admission and $4.00 skate rental (all ages). Check their website for schedule details.

Bowling and Arcades

Let us give you one tip for bowling with kids: learn low bowling. If you’re bowling with the bumpers up, but want to keep it interesting for the grown ups still, let the kids do their thing, but see which grown-up can get the lowest score while the bumpers are up. We’ve had the most fun bowling while playing this game.

Round 1 

Located inside the Lakewood Mall, Round 1 has loads of bowling lanes, a massive arcade with aisle after aisle of claw game machines, karaoke rooms, ping pong and more. The arcade can get a bit pricy and isn’t the best for very young kids, but the bowling is top notch and decently priced, especially if you join the kids’ club at a cost of only $3 per year.


Rad playdate idea: book a karaoke room for a hot day and have the kids sing their hearts out to all their Disney faves all day. Karaoke room rates range from as low as $9 to up to $70 per hour depending on time of day and size of the room. Prices for bowling vary, but are generally $10.99 per person on weekdays ($19.99 on weekends) for 2 hours and kids club members get that half off for children.

Cerritos Lanes

Cerritos Lanes is a good, classic feeling bowling alley with a small arcade and some very strong, cool AC. They often offer specials, though in the Summer it seems the focus is on their Summer passes that give you three games a day for a flat membership rate all Summer.

Cal Bowl

Cal Bowl in Lakewood also has a pretty rad arcade attached to it. The arcade itself even has a few smaller scale bowling lanes for preschoolers. Price range from about $3.50 per game or hourly for less than $20 per hour before 4pm on weekdays (prices go up significantly after 4pm and on weekends). They have a cool special on Sunday mornings called “Beat the Clock,” prices start at $1.50 per game at 8am, and increase 50 cents per hour until noon.

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