Every Free Outdoor Concert in the Long Beach Area for Summer 2019

Summer is upon us, and you know what that means… it’s free outdoor concert season! We’ve got over 100 listings of free concerts in Long Beach, Seal Beach, Los Alamitos, Lakewood, Bellflower, and more. You could probably go to a free show almost every night this summer. 

A free outdoor concert is a vital part of any No Bummer Summer, if you’re looking for free Summer movies, we’ve got that list too!. Want to save a graphic of these upcoming concerts? Tap that image there and save it to your phone. Plus, you can add them all to your Google Calendar right here

Happy #nobummersummer, fellow parents!

But do you have your Summer outdoor concert survival kit ready? Sure, blankets and snacks are fine, but we’ve got this concert in the park stuff down to a science.

A collapsible wagon.

This is what makes the magic happen. Your home might be walking distance to a concert in the park, but even if it’s not parking often can be tough at these events. This collapsible wagon is perfect for hauling all your stuff (and grumpy three-year olds too)!


It can definitely get chilly in the evenings. So a blanket to keep warm (we love serapes) and a folding mat style one for the ground are both nice to have.

Folding Chairs for Adults and Kids!


Lots of these concerts take place right around a kiddo’s dinnertime so you can load up on the snacks or even pick up a small to-go dinner from somewhere. I think my plan this Summer will be to pick up a packaged sandwich or salad type thing at Whole Foods 365 and be on our way.


For the kids get some water or juice or whatevs to keep them busy. For the grown-ups, alcoholic beverages aren’t allowed in most parks, but for venues that allow or to enjoy beforehand we can’t recommend those little Simpler Wines cans from Trader Joe’s enough. It’s $3.99 for a 4-pack and they are life-changing.

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