Best Brunch Spots for Families in Long Beach

You need a kid-friendly brunch spot in Long Beach. We know that feeling. We love brunch, and here’s a major silver lining to the kids waking you up at the crack of dawn every Saturday– you can check out all the best brunch spots in Long Beach before the crowds rush in. 

Generally crowds for brunch begin to pick up after 9am, I’ve found that if I can get to a place before 9am the wait times are pretty tolerable.

But, lets’ face it, finding brunch places with kids in tow can be rough. Here are a few key things we looked for in compiling this list:

-Short-ish wait times before 9am.

-Lots of room

-Fun for kids

-Great food

 So, don’t get mad, but you won’t find delicious brunch spots like Lola’s or The Attic on this list. It’s not that they aren’t kid-friendly, it’s just that the spots on this list check more of the boxes of what this writer considers kid-friendly.

The Potholder Cafe

If you lived in Long Beach before having kids, then you certainly know The Potholder well, from many a hungover Sunday morning. (Or maybe that's just me!) Turns out The Potholder is AWESOME for kids. Their extensive menu has something for even the pickiest of eaters, and if you feel up for splurging, the look on the kids' faces alone is worth the cost of the 28" Mac Daddy Pancakes. They have four or five locations now, but the kid-friendliest of them are the one on Stearns and Lakewood (mostly outdoor seating and awesome patio) and the one in Downtown since there's lot of room there.

This one gets crowded a bit earlier than most, so if you don't want a long wait time, get there as close to 8am as possible, otherwise expect to wait 40 minutes or so for a table on a weekend morning.

Rasselbock Kitchen & Beer Garden

This isn't the wrong photo. What you see here is a little sandbox play area specifically for littles on the covered patio at Rasselbock.

With a German-inspired brunch menu complete with potato pancakes, breakfast schnitzel, brat scrambles, and bottomless mimosas it's a great way to spend a morning.

They don't open til 9, so get there close to opening to beat the wait!

Sunrise Cafe (Lakewood)

Perfect for early risers, train-lovers, and foodies alike - Sunrise Cafe checks all the boxes. This spot opens at 7am, so is ready for the Saturday morning rude awakenings at the crack of dawn.

The brunch menu at Sunrise is your great quality standard breakfast fare from omelets to pancakes, their kids menu prices start super low at just $3.99 for a pancake meal. Can't beat that!

What really shines here is the ambiance, kids love the model train that goes throughout the restaurant and service is consistently top notch.

Waffle Love (at Steelcraft in LB)

We're all about pretty much anything at Steelcraft, and that certainly includes the breakfast at Waffle Love. Before I go on too much, be warned: they are closed on Sundays. But for a Saturday brunch on a sunny morning, you can't beat Waffle Love.

You can sit an enjoy your breakfast, along with coffee from Steelhead, while the kiddos burn off some energy on the "lawn" here at Steelcraft. The menu isn't extensive, however it's a nice spot for a casual brunch without too many crowds if you come early enough.

Loaded Cafe

Loaded Cafe is the best of all worlds: American style diner food kicked up a notch for the foodie set, right alongside traditional Mexican breakfast.

Just one look at Loaded Cafe's breakfast menu full of diet-killing carby goodness and you'll be hooked. Seriously, they have more types of waffles and pancakes than we've seen at most places. Caramel almond banana french toast, strawberry cheesecake pancakes, chocolate chip, nutella... you name it, they've got it.

In the mood for something a bit more savory, menudo is served every weekend, and they have chorizo tortas and to-die-for breakfast burritos. Did we mention their kids menu starts at only $5?

Coffee Cup Cafe

The Coffee Cup is a Long Beach institution. Even if you've never been, you've surely seen the long lines of crowds waiting patiently outside this 4th Street restaurant.

A few things to note about The Coffee Cup:
1. On a weekend you'll almost certainly have to wait unless you get there before 8am.
2. They let you get a headstart on your coffee-drinking while you wait.
3. It's cash only.

With great prices, extraordinary service, and adorable Mickey-shaped pancakes it's plain to see why Coffee Cup Cafe is a favorite for LB families.

The Red Leprechaun

We love a brunch spot that has a play area for kiddos. Okay, it's not like a play space with slides and such, but it is a cute corner of the restaurant with a toybox and a small space for the kiddos to play and keep themselves busy.

If you're wanting a nice adult beverage to go along with your brunch, this is the place to be. Make sure to check out the bread pudding French toast too!


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