Be Part of LB Littles Kids’ News!

Please sign up to lead a kids news segment! It’s a 3-5 minute morning news video we’ll share on Instagram TV and YouTube. Below are the instructions:


    • Vertical video (please prop the phone up or put it on a tripod to make sure the video is stable)
    • Must have a standard introduction “Hi, my name is ___ welcome to Kids News.”
    • Talk about today’s date and weather


You can send us the unedited video (with you asking your kids questions and we’ll edit it for you, no problem).

Suggestions on how to do it:

Set up an area to film with decent light and not too much background noise

Have your kid(s) draw pictures to intro each segment

Segment ideas:

  • Show and tell
    • Show a favorite item, or talk about a past trip and what they’ve learned.
  • Something educational
    • Have your kids recently learned about the Solar System? Barack Obama? Japan? Any of those things and more would make for great segments.
  • Reviews
    • Review a recent movie, show, song, or game.
  • Your neighborhood
    • What the best thing to do in your neighborhood, or what is going on in your neighborhood you’d like to share?
  • Your family
    • Tell us about your family, or interview a family member about their job, life, day or anything else.
  • Activity ideas
    • Share you ideas for activities to do around the house and yard.
  • Share a talent
    • Sing a song, do a dance – it’s all fair game.

Sign up here

Sign up below and we’ll email you with a date when you’d submit your video to us.

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    Pick a preferred date when you'd like your segment to air.



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